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Swansea House Restoration

‘Swansea House’ nearly got demolished. Foundations and floors were gone. Front Wall cracked diagonally from top to bottom. But she had history, and just needed a little (Lot) of our Tender Loving Care to get her back on her feet. Sometimes a building is more than just bricks and mortar.


A little Bit of Swansea House History:

  • Built in 1891 in the rapidly growing sea-port suburb of Newport/Wiliamstown.
  • During the Second World War, 36 men sleeping in bunk beds, lived in Swansea House and worked at the Newport Railway Workshops for the war effort.
  • Locals remember cuing up outside Berry’s Milk Bar on hot summer nights in the late 1960’s to buy ice-cream cones. The Milk Bar was the social hub of the neighbourhood.
  • One day in the mid 1970’s Mr. Berry just quietly locked up the shop and retired. He remained living in Swansea House for the next 20 odd years.



Swansea House Circa 1891- Photo 1940's

Swansea House 1998. She Nearly Got Demolished!

Swansea House- Front Wall Rebuild. New Foundations.

Swansea House - Standing Proud

Swansea House - A New Lease Of Life