A Unique and Professional Builder of Quality Craftsman Built Renovations, Extensions and Designer Homes.

Our Services

“At Rebuild New Constructions; Quality, Craftsmanship, Building Excellence, Customer Service Excellence, are more than words. They are an ‘attitude’ based on my belief system.” Damian – Builder


Rebuild New Constructions Offer Our Clients:

  • Quality building renovations, extensions and new homes supported with customer service excellence.
  • Experience and knowledge in period home restoration, and contemporary home remodeling.
  • Experience in building inner suburb homes with heritage overlays, limited access and adjoining property protection.
  • Experience in building Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient buildings, and ‘retro fitting’ existing homes for increased thermal performance.


“As a boy, I was amazed to watch a man build a model ship inside a bottle through the opening. That was until I built a two level extension to a Victorian Townhouse with access only through the front door” Damian – Builder


Rebuild New Constructions Listens, Communicates, and Delivers For Our Clients.

  • We listen to our clients’ home building needs; ask questions, offer advice and guidance. Then we listen again, and help families build their dream home.
  • We understand that building your dream home is both exciting and a big investment. Our building experience minimizes the stress of building, and saves you time and money.
  • Professional management experience and quality control systems guide our skilled team of carpenters and fully qualified/registered trades to deliver quality homes.
  • Our dedicated building teams’ attention to detail is our key to delivering building quality with pride.